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our original vehicle (now retired) ... 2005 mini-van


About Us

Incorporated in 2005,

and operating since May 2006,


is a small business

located at and exclusively serving

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Our services are (generally) intended for independent older adults (55+ years of age). 


Our Mission

is to help foster independence among our older adults by offering local transportation services personalized to the individual needs of our customers, delivered in an atmosphere that demonstrates respect for our diversity, our environment and our community.


My Personal Driver is a 'car service'.


A car service may be described as

“a chauffeured private car for every occasion”. 

As Saskatchewan does not have a specific designation of “chauffeur”, our drivers have a Saskatchewan Class 4 Licence.


MPD is committed to ...


  • Ensuring that transportation services support the quality of life we all expect to be able to enjoy as the years pass;

  • Recognizing that our customers are individuals with varying needs and expectations;

  • Providing our clients with services that respect their dignity and individuality;

  • Helping to foster independence among older adults.

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