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My Dad (1925 - 2005)

How My Personal Driver began ...
... as told by Tom the Driver
I had been driving my mom and dad in my spare time for a few years.  Even when I was younger, when I would visit my grandmothers and great aunt in Moose Jaw, I would take them shopping, to stock up on staples, heavier items, and things they didn't ordinarily buy on their own, because they couldn't easily carry these things.  We always had a little tour around town to see what was new and often stopped somewhere for lunch.
After my dad became ill, he could no longer drive.  My mom didn't drive and had relied on him to "gopher" things - groceries, mail letters, pick up lottery tickets, pay bills, etc., and to drive her to her weekly hair appointment, and so on.
It was becoming apparent to my wife and me that there would be other older adults in Saskatoon who do not, or could no longer drive, who simply find it difficult to avoid the increased traffic, road work and detours, or who are tired of trying to find convenient places to park, are worried about winter road conditions, or who would rather not deal with the rising costs of fuel and maintaining a vehicle.  Not everyone has family or friends available at short notice.
A visit to your family doctor might lead to a visit to the lab for blood tests or x-rays, maybe a stop at the pharmacy to fill a prescription.  What about the grocery store?  You might get a clerk to bring your bags to the car, they may even load them into the trunk, but what about when you get home?  Who will bring your bags to the door, or even inside?
From this need to help my mom and dad stay independent, My Personal Driver was conceived.  Our clients decide how much or how little time and assistance they need.  Make as many stops as you want, your driver will take you where ever you need to go, can wait for you, and will even accompany you if you wish.  There is no meter ticking away.  You simply pay for your driver's time at a reasonable hourly rate.  There is just a 15-minute minimum booking required.  You can conveniently pay with your Debit or Credit card, cash or cheque, e-Transfer, Apple Pay or Google Pay. 
If you prefer to be billed at the end-of-the month to your credit card, we will be pleased to set that up.

Isn't it time YOU had your own PERSONAL DRIVER! 

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