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After their first trip with us, we asked some of our clients to tell us their first impressions about the experience.


We mailed each client a stamped, pre-addressed postcard, and asked the following three questions:

  • What did you like about your experience with us?

  • What did you dislike about your experience?

  • What could we do, or change to improve?

The client did not have to identify him/herself before returning the card. These are a few of their comments:

Eva K. - Saskatoon wrote:

"Many thanks for all your help, care and kindness during the year.  Also, for always being so good to me means a lot to me.  You are a wonderful couple to know and have as friends.  I am sure glad I met you both."


Josephine T. – Saskatoon wrote: 

"I liked the prompt friendly greeting. The driver went out of his way to be sure we arrived at the correct address before he left.” 


Betty O. - Saskatoon wrote: 

"The personal & excellent service & knew we'd be picked up to go home – I am recommending it to my friends.” 


Bill and Marie T. -  Saskatoon wrote: 

"Excellent service provided – door to door service. Very satisfied with service provided by Tom.”


Sheila O. – Saskatoon wrote: 

“I enjoyed a safe and comfortable ride – even in the middle of a raging blizzard.” 


Dr. Gordon B. - Saskatoon wrote: 

"The personal attention – it was perfect for us old people.” 


Irene & Tony D. - Saskatoon wrote: 

"We wish you EVERY SUCCESS in your new service to seniors and other clients. They are very fortunate to have such caring, considerate people in whom they can place their trust. If we ever need your services, we will not hesitate to contact you. In addition, we would be glad to share the information with others who might be interested.

Best wishes!"  


Sarah M. – Saskatoon wrote: 

“Driver was punctual, handled baggage at both ends cheerfully, the vehicle was really clean.” 


Jean K. – Saskatoon wrote: 

“Excellent service.” 


Jim M. – Saskatoon wrote: 

"Prompt, courteous, friendly smiling happy face, careful safe driver. Appropriately attired.  Thank you for your personal attention.  I will be promoting your service to our Condo-Association.  Thank you Tom."


Brenda P. – Saskatoon wrote: 

“I have a few friends with parents that might make use of your service.  I plan to send them a link to your web page..” 


Irma A. - Saskatoon wrote:  “Prompt, polite, courteous, and trustworthy”  “It is as good as it gets”


Betty W. – Saskatoon wrote:  “Courtesy & comfortable ride.”


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